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Tips To Buy Grow Boxes For Your Coffee Plant


Coffee is the commonly drunk beverage in the world, and every day, the number of coffee drinkers are increasing. With growing popularity, people also expect the taste of coffee to be good too. Coffee is great as long as its source, which is the coffee beans, are great. All the techniques you use to brew a coffee are meaningless if the coffee beans are not of top quality. For this reason, it is always recommended to buy the best quality coffee beans.

Not all coffee beans taste the same. Their unique flavour is due to the conditions and the region in which they are grown. The taste of the coffee beans is enhanced once they are roasted and brewed perfectly. The brewing of the coffee beans depends on how the consumer likes their coffee. Coffee beans tend to lose their flavour if they are not packed properly. Therefore they should be protected from moisture and direct sunlight and stored in vacuum-sealed containers. Coffee beans are the sole essence of a coffee. Their flavour cannot be replaced by any artificial flavour. Their authenticity is the reason why people all over the world are crazy for coffee. To keep this authenticity alive, coffee bean's farmers use the best available technique to grow, harvest and roast them. This way, the best coffee beans are available in the market for the consumer.

Regular coffee drinkers are aware of the fact that buying coffee is quite expensive. Therefore it is recommended these days to grow your coffee plant at home. Grow boxes are a preferable product to grow a coffee plant. Grow box is a rectangular shaped box which could be fully or partially enclosed and is used to grow plant, fruits or vegetables at home. It has all the required features which a plant needs to grow fully. With the preferable condition, plants grow at a fast rate compared to the plants growing in the soil. There are many different types of grow boxes. Now the question arises, which grow box is the most suitable for growing a coffee plant.

Let’s look into a few tips which will help you buy grow boxes for your coffee plant:

The right amount of light

Before buying a grow box, you should be aware of what temperature is best suited for a coffee plant. Coffee plants do not adjust well to winter conditions, so if the temperature falls below 18 degrees, the plant dies. Therefore it is extremely important to see if your grow box is temperature-controlled.

Another important thing is that the coffee plant prefers indirect light. So before buying a grow box, you should always check if the LED lights inside it are movable and adjusted to your plant's requirement or not. Without these specifications, you are depriving your coffee plant of its basic necessity.

Let’s talk about water

The coffee plant requires water a lot, but it doesn't like to be soaked in it. It likes to stay moist all the time and tends to grow to its full length in humid conditions. Therefore it is very important that you check that the grow box you are about to buy has good drainage. Many grow boxes have boxes which do not drain and lets your plant sit in water. Always buy a grow box whose water-filled tray, allows you to control the amount of water needed. Such grow boxes are best suited for your coffee plants.

Is there enough space?

With all the right conditions, a coffee plant tends to grow 6ft tall and spread horizontally as much as
they can. Now if you have bought a grow box without keeping in mind this information, then your plant
will not give you fruit or will either die. Therefore it is important that you see the dimensions of your
grow box before you buy, also check for space inside to save you from the hassle later.

How important are fertilizers?

One of the biggest advantages of a grow box is that it increases the growth of your plant by 20%. This is possible with the help of fertilizers especially designed for grow box plants. Some grow boxes come with their range while some don’t. Therefore always buy the grow box which comes with its range of fertilizers. This will not only save your money but also from the struggle of searching suitable fertilizers for a grow box.

Coffee plants do not require a heavy dosage of fertilizers, but they require their fertilizer to be spread evenly and added after every few months. This will make your coffee plant happy, and they will grow to their full length. A grow box which shows you the amount of fertilizer added and alerts you if the plant is low in some minerals is best suited for this job

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