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Top 5 Online Hydroponic Resources to help you grow!


Looking for places to learn more about the field of hydroponics? If all of this stuff is new to you, you'll be searching around for resources you can use to get more knowledgeable about how to grow plants without soil.

Luckily, there are some great resources online, from government agencies and other parties, that can help you understand the biology and the context of hydro gardening. Here are five of the top places to get information about the hydroponics industry.

College Ag Extension Programs

All 50 U.S. states have their own agricultural programs that operate within university settings. Take a look at these resources within your state, and take advantage of some of the research that state universities put online about plant roots and other aspects of biology that can relate to hydroponics. For example, you might learn more about pH value and how it affects plant roots, or about how to utilize light or other resources.


The United States Department of Agriculture also offers online resources that can help you to figure out how to start a small commercial hydroponics garden. You can learn more about how US sellers label produce, and how that relates to plant biology in general. You can also learn more about how locally grown hydroponic food differs from the generic supermarket produce that you see on store shelves, and how consumers learn to make smart choices.

U.S. Small Business Administration

At the Small Business Administration’s web site, you can get all sorts of other information on how to start a hydro business. The U.S. SBA is a kind of clearinghouse for process information for new businesses, so it can be helpful for those who are trying to start up a hydroponic project to make money in their communities.


If you're looking to set up a hydroponics garden in your home, another good place to look is LEED. This green standards certifier can offer information on what kinds of residential projects would add value to the home, and the sustainable standards and practices that will help your garden make your home more valuable on the market.

Dealzer’s Web Site

For a lot of the nuts and bolts of hydroponics, take a look at the Dealzer website. From basic information pages to product reviews and more, we offer a massive amount of information for new growers. You can check out our social media forums where other growers talk about their experiences, or check out our blog, where we talk about everything from photosynthesis to pruning.

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