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Top Hydroponic Myths – Busted


Why do so many people believe things about hydroponics that just aren't true?

Some of it has to do with the inexperience that most of us have with this type of gardening platform, and our perception of it is as a brand-new and less of a natural way of growing. Some of it's just intellectual laziness on the part of people who don't like to try new things. And some of it can be traced back to certain things that we learned in high school biology class. Here are some of the biggest myths about hydroponics that seem to persist, even as more and more people pick up this innovative hobby.

Hydroponics is New

Just do a cursory Google search, and you'll learn about ancient hydroponics gardens in civilizations like Egypt and Babylon -- Congress has been trying new things for many centuries, but ironically enough, in today's big agri-business industry, there's a real tendency towards conformity and away from innovation. That's one reason small-time hydroponics is taking off in a big way.

Hydroponics Isn't A Real Way to Grow

Again, thinking back vaguely to their experiences in learning biology, people have this gut intuition that plants “starve” or otherwise don't grow naturally in water. The idea of linking plants to soil is something built into our DNA, since after all, this traditional gardening method sustained us as a species for thousands of years. But it's time to do away with that notion -- especially since growing in soil is becoming less natural as we speak. Trying to grow plants around soil that may be contaminated with household runoff, commercial waste, and all other kinds of residual materials is not the cleanest and best way to grow plants. By contrast, hydroponics can be an entirely organic experience.

Hydroponics is Incompatible with Soil-Based Growing

This is another one that people just assume -- and it's actually false. You can transplant from soil to hydro and back again. You can germinate in any medium and put fully grown seedlings into a hydroponics setup. That's part of the versatility of this type of gardening that makes it so popular.

Hydroponics Is For Criminals

This is a funny one -- but we understand why people think this. They make these character associations between hydroponics and marijuana, and between marijuana and criminal behavior, and assume that if somebody is growing hydroponically, it's to make a boatload of money off of drugs.

At the same time, too many people just don't understand that hydroponics can be a completely feasible way to grow fruits and vegetables for the dinner table. They may have never seen a setup like this, either in real life or on tv, and it's not something that is on their radar. But it exists, trust us.

These are some of the biggest hydro myths that need to be exploded right now. Learn more about hydroponics at Dealzer.

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