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Top Online Hydroponic Resources


As a new grower, you may be looking for a range of resources to help you figure out how to grow best. The Internet is actually a great repository of information for hydroponics.

In a lot of ways, the Internet works great for hydroponics, because the Internet is a very diversified information medium, and hydroponics is a really complex type of project. You can get a lot of what you need with quick Google searches on things like nutrients, irrigation, pH value and more.

Here are some of the types of Internet hydroponic resources that can be extremely valuable for growers.

Small independent blogs and spaces

Sometimes, you can get really good informative articles from a small independent blog. Here's an example from a site called CompostGuy where an individual grower writes about hydroponics in a broad way -- this particular resource gets you in-depth information on aquaponics, where you add fish to a hydroponic project.

Institutional resources

You can also get good online resources from various types of schools and universities around the country. Many ag departments of universities are looking closely at hydroponics and its potential to help improve human health and quality of life. Here's an example from Morrisville College that shows how student clubs are actually running a hydroponic project and can provide growers with more types of information.

Large publications and magazines

There are also a range of publications that offer good information on growing. For example, some of the best online grow tips are available at the web sites of magazines such as High Times, which is a specialized magazine, but also offers general tips on how to grow anything, including vegetables.

Retailer resources

Another one of the best ways get information about hydroponics is directly from retailers who sell the modern equipment needed to do this type of innovative gardening. Take a look at Dealzer’s product website, and you'll see that this company offers a veritable treasure trove of information on gardening, from germination to harvest and everything in between. With blogs, social media and on-site pages, this retailer is really dedicated to educating growers and helping them succeed. Take a look and see how can help you build the hydro systems you need to succeed and grow the best stuff out there!

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