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Top Summer Crops to Grow in your Growbox


Looking for some great summertime plants that you can fit into a small grow box system? With a hydroponics grow box, you can enjoy summer produce year-round, instead of having to hold your nose while buying low-quality summer foods in winter. Here are some of the best summer crops to cultivate in a smaller hydroponics system.


There's nothing better than a ripe slice of tomato fresh from the garden. A grow box can house a couple of these plants, to give you excellent tomatoes for salads, sandwiches or other dishes. Skip the store-bought products shipped in from faraway countries in South America, or those anemic and sad-looking tomatoes that so many restaurants use half the year. Grow your own and profit from juicy and delicious summer tomatoes year-round.


Cucumbers grow great all summer on the vine. Put them into a hydroponics system, and you'll have even more for fresh salads to improve your health and feel better in those cold winter months. Cucumbers will need some space and maybe some vining support, but the products that you get will be worth it.


Lettuce and related greens are another one of those types of produce that we look forward to all winter. In the spring and summer, we can grow them easily in small spaces, which makes them great candidates for hydroponic growing. Experiment with different flavors and varieties of lettuce, and figure out how to integrate these into a well-run hydroponic environment, and you'll have salads that are the envy of your friends and neighbors.


Green herbs are another type of produce that we associate with summer. So many of us have small backyard gardens where herbs like mint, parsley, dill, oregano, basil and rosemary thrive during the sunny and warm summer months. But herbs are also perfect for hydroponics. The biggest reason that herbs are so great for a grow box is that the plants themselves are small, and constantly create new product. You can grow a number of verbs in even the smallest grow boxes, and continually harvest them for the dinner plate, without having to grow another cycle. That makes herbs one of the most efficient ways to use a grow box anytime of the year.

For more about growing with hydroponics, take a look at what today's modern manufacturers and retailers can offer you to help you create viable, sophisticated and elegant systems to get you fresh green foods any time.

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