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Why Buy A Grow Box?


A grow box is a specific type of hydroponics equipment that's perfect for certain types of home and commercial use. Here are some of the major reasons why people buy these types of systems, instead of larger or more open hydroponic setups.


Most grow boxes come with everything you need to start growing plants. Lighting, nutrients, plant pots and more are all collected in one simple kit. With larger systems, growers often end up buying individual items and putting them together in more sophisticated ways. So for a beginner or someone who wants a pre-formatted way to grow plants, a grow box is often a perfect solution.

A Sealed Environment

In an open grow room, growers face the challenges of integrating plants into a multi-user environment or trying to set up an entire room or space as a working garden. Some of the biggest problems with this involve handling air flow, temperature and more.

Grow boxes give plants a completely insulated environment where growers can micromanage plants to turn out better harvests, without trying to change the overall atmosphere within a room.

Small Space Growing

A lot of people who get into hydroponics do so because they don't have a lot of space to work with. A grow box can make a corner of a room or space into a perfect chamber for year-round growing -- and growers find they get a lot of produce out of these small systems.


Most grow boxes also come with detailed instructions that help walk buyers through the process of plant cycles. Larger installations may have some instructions, but they often are not as detailed, because they need to be tailored to the particular space that someone is using. Grow boxes have been specifically engineered to cover all of those crucial details that you need to create the perfect hydroponic “recipe” for growth.

These are just some of the reasons why so many growers choose to buy a hydroponic grow box, especially at the beginning of their projects, to learn the nuts and bolts of hydroponics in a controlled and safe environment. Although many growers proceed from the grow box to larger and more elaborate installations, they start out with this kind of ‘baseline system’ to understand more about how to support plants through every stage of growth.

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