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Why every house should have a Growbox!


Many people who get involved in hydroponics often want to spread the word to others -- to shout from every rooftop about how this kind of innovative gardening helps provide fresh produce for the dinner table. There are actually a number of good arguments for why it makes sense for most homes to have a small compact grow system somewhere on the property.

Your Investment

A home is an investment in a living space, a place apart from the rest of the world where the family or household can live. By its nature, the home is not a very communal kind of idea -- you're investing in your own bathrooms, your own kitchens, your own bedrooms and your own living space. So why not take the idea a step further and use your own grow box to distance yourself from the supermarket pattern of food distribution? Adding a small grow box to a house is an excellent way to get an extra amenity that, in the future, may be considered as standard as a refrigerator, dishwasher or a washing machine.

The Interior

The principle of hydroponics is that you can grow plants inside, away from the elements, and take advantage of the year-round growing season and excellent conditions that result. Your house already provides everything you need for hydroponics, except for the actual equipment and gear that you’ll use. That's another reason why it makes sense for every home to have one of these systems built in somewhere in the house.


Prior to the World War II era, it was normal for families to have small ‘victory gardens’ as a way of maintaining self-reliance and backing up food supplies in a tough economy. Today's economic situation may not be as bad, and these days, we have food all around us, but it's not necessarily the highest quality of food. Hydroponics offers families a way to get cheap, local, good food on their own, and to deal with some of the problems with food distribution that persist in a lot of urban and suburban areas.

So should every house have a hydroponics grow system? We think so. Many of these kits are pretty affordable and have everything you need to start growing things like tomatoes, cucumbers, berries or herbs in your own kitchen or other living space. For more on how to get set up for hydroponics, check out Dealzer’s webpage and everything we offer to growers all around the world.

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