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Why Hydroponics is true Independence


Lots of people get into hydroponics to make a difference in the way they live. They want to practice a more sustainable type of lifestyle. They want to break free of certain kinds of constraints that have been frustrating to them. But why is it that hydroponics offers this kind of independence?

The biggest answers have to do with the agribusiness industry and the way that food is delivered to people.

Think back about 100 years, and we had a fairly local food distribution system. Not too long before that, people didn't even have consistent refrigeration, so it didn't make sense to ship food long distances. As a perishable item, it was consumed close to where it was grown.

Throughout the last century, things have changed a lot. Firms merged into corporate food businesses which found ways to preserve food for shipping. Now we have all sorts of frozen and preserved options for food. We can get any kind of food we want from the freezer section of our grocery store. Or we can get fresh fruits and produce that were grown halfway around the world, conveniently shipped to our supermarkets.

But this ignores the problem of long-distance shipping and how to preserve food and how that affects its nutritional value. There are lots of ways that supermarket produce is often subpar, especially when it comes from other countries. For example, we now know that a lot of sellers use radiation of lettuce and greens to keep it fresh for shipping.

The bottom line is that hydroponics offers a different way of consuming food. It's the idea that families can start their own gardens in a small space and use that food themselves. It eliminates all of the wasted energy involved in shipping food long distances, and it eliminates those tricky procedures that big food sellers use to preserve their foods.

Beyond that, hydroponics also teaches a more sustainable way of life. It gets people back to producing more of what they consume, to be a positive force in their communities.

This is just part of why people get into hydroponics in the first place. To learn more, check out the Dealzer website and look at what's possible from modern hydroponic retailers and how you can set up your own innovative garden to get fresh produce for your dinner table.

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