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Why it's cheaper to grow your own with a Growbox than store bought!


It's so much cheaper to grow your own produce, that basically, if you're investing in high-quality organics from the supermarket, you're getting ripped off in a couple of ways. Here are just some of the reasons why those with hydroponic systems in their homes or business spaces can get the same quality of produce for just pennies on the dollar.

Use All of What You Get

One of the biggest reasons why store-bought produce cost so much is because we have to buy more of it every couple of days.

When you buy lettuce or other greens at the store, it’s specifically package for shipping and delivery, but it doesn't keep at home for more than a couple of days. That means if you're going to the store to shop for that week, a lot of the green stuff that you buy will end up getting thrown away because before you can get to it, it's not good anymore.

With hydroponics, all of those items stay on the vine until the very moment that you need them. You pick exactly the volume that you need for one, two or three salads, or for adding to other dishes, and you let the rest stay alive until it's needed. This is much more efficient than buying store-bought produce, not to mention the gas that you used to drive to and from the store every time you need more.

Buying By the Unit, or Growing

Just look at the unit prices for a specific amount of fresh organic produce at your supermarket. It's not uncommon for small amounts of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and bell peppers or herbs or greens to cost as much as five dollars apiece.

Then look at how much you can grow from one plant. As you harvest a little at a time, the plant keeps growing and producing fruit for months. That means one tomato plant can grow a couple of hundred dollars worth of tomatoes every growing season.

Pre-Washing and Cleanliness

Also, if you're buying from the store, somebody is often washing your green produce for you. Especially items like salad greens come with a label pre-washed, to allow you to ‘just open and use.’ But be assured that you're paying for these services somewhere down the road.

With hydroponics, you know what's around your plants. You can seal them off from dirt and toxins. That way, you won’t have to obsess over what every little speck is when you go to eat it.

These are just some of the ways that hydroponics allow for more affordable and healthier produce for a family. For more, look at all the gear and equipment you can use to set up your own systems, to benefit from this kind of price control and efficiency.

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