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Why kids should learn about Hydroponics from an Early age!


One of the side benefits of doing hydroponics projects relates to what today's young ones need to know now, in order to succeed later in life. Here are some of the reasons why parents like to do hydroponics in order to start educating their children about the realities of agriculture, and a lot more.

The Food Scarcity Issue

One of the things that hydroponics helps to fix is the idea of food scarcity. Now with all kinds of calories piled all around us, we often don't see that our communities suffer from a scarcity of high-quality food such as fresh green produce. But when families get more educated about nutritional science, they start to see that there's a lot of work involved in getting fresh produce to where they live, as opposed to, say, McDonalds happy meals.

At the same time, pundits and others are talking about food scarcity around the world, which, interestingly enough, is now being used as an argument for more alterations to our diets in the form of genetically modified plants or GMOs.

With hydroponics, the ability to grow food close to where it will be eaten starts to satisfyand solve some of these problems.

The STEM Bump

There's also an increasing focus on math and sciences in American education. There is the crystallizing idea that we’re educating far too few boys and girls in the sorts of technical skills that will not only benefit them in the future, but boost our economy as well.

Hydroponics is an easy hands-on way to get students interested in science at a young age. It's something that really draws them in, something they can use, along with the principles of biology, chemistry and physics. Other types of projects may be insufficiently geared towards young minds and not interesting enough to get young ones involved.

Sources of Income

One of the other plain facts about today's economy is that there just aren't as many well-paying jobs available. Globalization and other factors have a lot to do with this, but the upshot is that some of those individuals who are going to do best in future generations are those who can supplement wage work with other streams of revenue, or go out on their own entirely and set up their own small businesses.

Hydroponics is fairly unique in its inherent decentralization. In most hydroponics projects, there's no “big boss” -- just an individual grower or a small team creating products for markets. Where there are multiple employees, there's much more of a chance that the work scenario is going to be fairly collective and egalitarian. So you’re teaching kids to go out on their own and do things their way, to be more self sustainable and less reliant on a weekly paycheck.

These are just some of the reasons that hydroponics appeals to parents and guardians of younger children. For more, take a look at everything that's available to start exploring in an exciting and innovative field.

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